Solitary Enjoyment

I spend a fair amount of time and a great deal of money at the movies.  There’s something about checking out for two to three hours in a cool dark room in a comfy chair sharing an experience with strangers.  Movies at home become distracted by beds, dogs, and boyfriends, but “alone” at the theater is different.  The separation is clear from life to movie and it allows for an escape.

Some argue that society is splitting further apart due to new technologies, all people are becoming more solitary and that our attention spans are becoming more like a goldfish than an elephant.  I don’t wholly disagree but I don’t think that we are hopeless.  Movie attendance continues to be strong despite the home services known as Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu, and certain unnamed pirating hubs.  We want to go, we want to see it on the big screen, and I think a little piece in all of us, want to experience the drama and be transported along with a roomful of people who we don’t know.